Developed by Julian Stevens, CleverDrops™ is a free reminder app for smartphones and tablets designed to help you with your aftercare regime. CleverDrops™ works by sending you reminders of which drops or medications to use, and when to use them. Using our CleverDrops™ app is an easy, convenient and practical way to keep on top of your post-treatment routine.

How do I get CleverDrops™?
Our CleverDrops™ app is free to download from the Apple App Store and from Google Play.

Who can use CleverDrops™?
The aftercare regimes are designed for those who have been treated by Mr Stevens.

How does CleverDrops™ know my post-treatment regime?
On the day of treatment we will give you a regime code; this is either a QR bar code to scan or a text code to enter manually. CleverDrops™will then ask you to confirm you have received each item required for your regime from the pharmacy.

How do the reminders work?
When your drops or medications are due, CleverDrops™ sends you an alert, like a text message or wake up alarm. An image of the drop/medication will appear on screen. You will then be asked to confirm you have taken the required dose.

How does CleverDrops™ know when to start and stop sending reminders?
As well as the date of your treatment, you will be asked to enter what time of day you want your first and last reminder. This allows your aftercare regime to adjust to your lifestyle, ensuring you receive enough medications throughout the day but not sending reminders whilst you are asleep.

What do our patients say about CleverDrops™?
"The CleverDrops™ app is very clever. It is really useful and simple to use."