Moorfields opens new private outpatient centre

We are pleased to announce that the new outpatient centre at Moorfields Private opened in June 2016 at 9-11 Bath Street, London. This new facility is dedicated to providing improved and increased consulting, diagnostic and treatment facilities for all general ophthalmic and refractive services. Mr Stevens’ private outpatient clinics which were previously based at the Arthur Steele Unit on City Road have now moved to this location. We look forward to welcoming everyone to the new centre.

Mr Stevens awarded “best paper of session” and video award at the ASCRS clinical meeting in New Orleans


At the recent American Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons (ASCRS) meeting held in New Orleans, Mr Stevens presented his new technique for visualising the cornea using circular polarised light, revealing structures previously invisible during clinical examination. This paper won the "best paper of session" award. Mr Stevens' other paper presented by his Resident Dr Alexandra Manta of an improved technique for corneal cross-linking also won the "best paper of session" award.

Mr Stevens' also presented a video about correcting astigmatism and this also won an award at this meeting.

Another successful LASIK Course held at Moorfields

The annual LASIK LASEK SMILE training course still proves popular with ophthalmic surgeons. This is the 18th year this course has run with many ophthalmic surgeons around the world having attended and this year surgeons from across Europe and beyond came to London. The programme includes lectures from leading refractive surgeons, including Mr Stevens and wet-lab sessions to give attendees some practical experience. The course provides an ideal opportunity for ophthalmic surgeons in training to learn from the most experienced consultants in the field.

What can people see during cataract surgery?

People describe seeing spectacular moving lights and colours when they have laser cataract surgery. Mr Stevens wanted to see what people experience so a low light video camera was placed at the back of an eye and the surgery was recorded. The video can be seen on YouTube using the link below. If you like it, please click "like" at the bottom right as this helps people find the video due to search engine rankings.

20 ingenious ways to stay well this winter – Daily Mail

Julian Stevens was featured in an article in the Daily Mail talking about one of the ways to stay well this winter is to “blink more” to help prevent the eyes from becoming dry in the colder months. Mr Stevens says "When the environment is dry, our tears evaporate more quickly, so we need to blink more to compensate because this helps produce more tears and keeps those tears flowing". He goes on to advise what you can use if you are prone to streaming eyes in the cold weather and also how sunglasses can help as they reduce the air flow and evaporation around the eyes.

Mr Stevens speaks on local radio about keeping your eyes healthy

During National Eye Health Week (21st - 27th September 2015), Julian Stevens was talking on a number of local radio stations about keeping the eyes healthy, particularly in the winter with the cold air and dry environment. Mr Stevens also took questions from the public about eye conditions and also spoke about eye surgery.

Julian Stevens presented a paper on corneal imaging at the annual ESCRS conference in Barcelona and also received a video award

Mr Stevens attended the annual European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS) clinical meeting in Barcelona. He presented a paper "A simple technique of circular polarisation imaging of the cornea: rendering the hidden visible". The paper was by Mr Stevens and Consultant colleague Mr Gary Misson FRCOphth.

Mr Stevens also received an award for a video he produced on “Astigmatism Correction”.

Second successful femto-phako course for surgeons held at Moorfields

Following the popularity of the first femto-phako course in January, another educational day was organised by Mr Stevens.

The course educates surgeons about the femto-phako technique; the most advanced form of cataract and lens surgery. The extensive programme attracted international surgeons and featured live surgery which continues to be a popular part of the teaching.

Mr Stevens and his team attend the 100% Optical trade show at London Excel

We were demonstrating CleverDrops (our medication reminder app) on our exhibition stand and talking to ophthalmic professionals about the latest innovations in surgery. Mr Stevens also gave a seminar on Precision Excimer Laser Correction as part of the learning programme.

100% Optical is an international optical trade event for industry professionals including optometrists, dispensing opticians, contact lens practitioners and ophthalmologists.